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We started as Bandhudal Sporting club in the year of 1962. Growing up with the name since now we have become the heart and soul of not only the people of Baranagar but also one of the iconic clubs in the whole city of Kolkata. Organizing most of the social and cultural community events associated with leading a social life in this region we prioritise activities like Blood donation camp, sports events and most importantly the biggest event in every Bengali life, Durga Puja.

In 2011, we celebrated the Golden jubilee of our foundation along with our Durga Puja celebration. Renowned sculptor Gautam Bhor was responsible for the Idol while former cricketer and captain of the prestigious cricket world cup winning Indian Team Kapil dev attended the celebration as a guest and inaugurated the puja by lighting a candle. The director of Akhsardham(Delhi), Noida, P.J.Swami also attended the puja and shared stage with him. For our effort we received prestigious awards in various departments of organising a Durga Puja.

While we continue to do the good work we welcome you to be a part of or beloved club.

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